About Me

I am Abolfazl Dareyni. I was born in Mashhad and I am 27 years old.
I got my B.Sc in Civil Engineering from Mashhad.
I got my master’s degree in Construction Engineering and Management.
I am working on Building Information Modeling and teaching project planning and control.

While every musician has different priorities, I propose that there are three main reasons: money, attention, and self-expression. Few make music for just one purpose, but most land somewhere in a Venn diagram of the three. Self-expression may be the most valid reason to play music from an artistic standpoint.

They make us feel our emotions. The brain’s emotion-producing functions can’t tell the difference between an emotion felt while being entertained and one felt due to a real-life circumstance. Therefore, playing music is like being an actor. We’re creating drama in music for others to feel.

I’m really into coding.

  • love to code because it is usable art.
  • I love to code because it is a team effort.
  • I love to code since it makes a difference in peoples’ lives.
  • I love to code because if I can think it, I can make it a reality.
  • I love to code because it is fun.

Just like engineering sciences, which is an art used by people daily and affects their everyday life, so is codeYou can create something and people interact with, use, touch and work with. That is an amazing feeling.

I’m interested in programming because I have a passion for tech, creativity, and finding solutions. I love the mental challenge that programming presents and the possibility of being able to conceive a new idea and bring it to fruition

Finally, my effort is the connection between these sciences. Our close connection to technology and it make a good impression on our lives has made our work easier, So:

I’m trying to make a better version of new technologies such as B.M.S, Home Automation, and Smart home.

Technology and civil science are the keys to success for flawless structure.